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Our History

A Letter from our Founder; A Quarter Century and Counting

Steamboat Financial Group was founded in 1994 by Mitch Martin. The Financial Advisors at Steamboat Financial Group have almost a century of combined investment experience which has helped prepare us to navigate you through your financial transitions in life.

Twenty Plus Years-The Blink of an Eye

When you are a kid, twenty years seems like forever. Time drags slowly by in those early years; waiting for Christmas, your birthday, becoming a teenager, Getting Your Driving License, and then graduation and finally you are twenty-one. Along about then time really speeds up. Thirty happens a day or two after your ten-year high school reunion and the next time you notice you are forty. What happened to those long days and years of our youth?.

A business has a similar physiology. In October 1994, Steamboat Financial came into being. Where has the time gone? There have been lots of changes along the way and looking back it seems that it could not possibly have been that long. For me, the most melancholy part of those recollections is the many clients that are no longer with us. When I think of them, I realize how many lives have been touched, hopefully for the better, in the past twenty plus years.

The financial service business is exactly that; we are in the business to serve our clients. Our job is to help them prepare for a better future, whether their retirement, the education of their children or grandchildren, a philanthropic dream, or simply assisting their loved ones in having a more abundant life in the future. Serving others is the highest calling of the human race. Most of our clients are investing for the future, not necessarily their future but for the future of their family or their community. Investing, so that others may benefit, is part of that higher calling. None of us want to be a burden for our children or society, so we prepare for the future. Our job is to assist you with the knowledge and products that will assist you in that endeavor. Thank you, our clients, for twenty years of believing in Steamboat. It has been our pleasure to be a part of the lives of multiple generations of families in this community. The saying is that, “Time flies when you are having fun”. We most certainly must be having fun as time has gone by so swiftly. We look forward to serving the coming generations of your families over the next twenty years. May God bless and keep you.

Mitch Martin